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Recent Media Activities:

July 20, 2015: CTV NEWS – Moving Forward Daily

May 05, 2015: CTV NEWS – Health headline test

April 13, 2015: CTV NEWS – Expired birth control pills

Mar 02, 2015: CTV NEWS – Spring break

Feb 02, 2015: CTV NEWS – Sleepwalking

Nov 20, 2014: CTV NEWS – Early Childhood Literacy

Sept 15, 2014: CTV NEWS – Children Diet Pattern

Nov 04, 2013: CTV NEWS – Breast Milk sold online

Sept 26, 2013: CTV NEWS – C-Section complications

Sept 12, 2013: CTV NEWS – Kids’ health and electronics

August 13, 2013: CTV NEWS – Warnings raised over marijuana use

June, 2013: CTV NEWS – How to protect your kids from contracting measles

May 16, 2013: Panelist on Alberta Prime Time TV—Preventative Surgery, Laser Clinics, and Anti-Psychotics

May 09, 2013: Panelist on Alberta Prime Time TV—Caffeine for Every Occasion

Dr. Peter Nieman in recent TV interviews on very important topics.

Dr. Peter Nieman – Protecting yourself from mosquitoes – June 17, 2013 CTV News

Dr. Peter Nieman – Keeping Kids Active – October 11, 2012 (Alberta Prime Time)

Dr. Peter Nieman – Ask A Pediatrician – February 2 (Breakfast Television)

Dr. Peter Nieman – Manipulating Mental Health Definitions – January 26 (Alberta Prime Time)

Dr. Peter Nieman – When do i start giving my child vitamins? – November 1 (Breakfast Television)

Dr. Peter Nieman – “Maggie Goes on a Diet” Book for Kids (Alberta Prime Time)

Dr. Peter Nieman – Children’s book “Maggie Goes on a Diet” sparks outrage (CTV News)

Dr. Peter Nieman – Recent Globe and Mail News